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Inspiring and helping the underprivileged

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Making A Difference


There may be myriad definitions of empowerment. But for us, at Aastha Foundation, true empowerment stems from making someone self-sufficient.



At Aastha, counselling to underprivileged people, especially women and girls, is a method to bring self-sufficiency in their lives.



The definition of welfare at Aastha lies in being the effective method to expand deprived people's ability to have resources and to make vital life-choices.


Untiring Efforts

Aastha Foundation is well on its way to empower them with skills, opportunities and enthusiasm.

Camp Organization

Aastha organises the health check-up, blood donation, blanket distribution camps for underprivileged.

Join Hands With Us

Aligned with our vision revolving around self-sufficiency, our initiative, namely Self Help, for women and rural artisans, has been a prime part of our itinerary over the years. We want you to support us

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