Aastha Foundation's mission gets encapsulated in total social empowerment of under-privileged and poor people. While we continuously try to provide humanitarian aid and relief to them as an immediate measure, we also try to ingrain in them aspirations for a good future.

We have set a simplified mission to reach and connect with disadvantaged people and have a sincere and appropriate engagement with them. We provide to them support in necessities of life and seek participation from them for their own livelihood. Support and participation form the nub of our initiative. While providing support-materials or emergency relief supplies, we know that social empowerment, our ultimate mission, can only be achieved by getting them skilled and self-confident. And SINI, a manufacturing house conceptualized as a global platform for handcrafted jewellery, fashion accessories and textile-materials, is the perfect illustration of our belief in transformation through skills for poor women and rural artisans. Today SINI has absorbed scores of women artisans, who had been deprived of proper opportunities. They create jewellery, fashion-accessories and different kinds of clothes using their hands or hand-tools. Handicraft is one sector which not only represents our culture and traditions but bears a huge scope of employment for rural artisans and possibilities of sizeable foreign exchange for the country. Empowering these artisans with ample opportunities, SINI stands as the perfect embodiment of our mission.