At Aastha, counselling to underprivileged people, especially women and girls, is a method to bring self-sufficiency in their lives. Our counselling is not only oriented to lectures and question-answer interactions, our counselling extends to getting them in a routine. We convey to them in every which way that everyone deserves a life of dignity, which can be achieved by being self-reliant, in terms of earnings. The core of our counselling comprises listening to these women and girls and advising them suitable income-generating activities in helping them meet their unique needs. Counselling connects and motivates them for education, professional skills-training, life-skills workshops, financial and housing assistance, job-opportunities etc., which trigger their journey for transformation. We know that all of these women need financial safety and wish for them and their families a brighter future.

We counsel them to break the cycle of dependence and our initiative, Self Help, for women and rural artisans, enables them to do that by providing opportunities and trains these under-privileged and poor artisans with the handicraft-skills. Our manufacturing house, SINI, gives their handcrafted fashion accessories and textiles a market and according income. So, every piece of counselling imparted at Aastha Foundation has a positive and visible culmination. Once economically self-sufficient, the inner sense of well-being gets deep-rooted in their hearts and they transform to counter any vicissitudes of life.