There may be myriad definitions of empowerment. But for us, at Aastha Foundation, true empowerment stems from making someone self-sufficient. Imparting education to the under-privileged people or helping them financially is one thing, but spotting their talent and giving them the related opportunities to earn is completely different and transformational. Being a quintessential NGO and non-profit organisation, Aastha stands for making people, especially women and girls from the disadvantaged strata, self-sufficient, by listening to what they say and enabling them to do, what they can do for their living.

Handcrafted fashion-accessories and textiles, created by our self-sufficient women, are not merely physical adornments or embellishments, these are, in fact, an inspiration of individualized empowerment. Every garment or accessory here carries an additional allure of self-sufficiency. Providing someone a sporadic help may get awry, but rousing aspirations and inculcating capabilities in someone carve future, more so with women. When we ascertained the core objective of our initiative, Self Help, to train and empower these under-privileged and poor women artisans with the handicraft-skills, we knew that women's empowerment was the basic requirement for achieving sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability.

We are empowering women and creating stories of self-sufficiency!!