The definition of welfare at Aastha lies in being the effective method to expand deprived people's ability to have resources and to make vital life-choices. We're a quintessential NGO, committed to create accessibility of opportunities for one and all. Our welfare-activities primarily imply bringing in immediate assistance for the people who are living at the lower rungs of our society.

Keen to ensure social reconstruction among underprivileged communities, our welfare goes beyond distributing life-essentials. Our welfare signifies reaching out to the deprived classes and conveying the message that education, gender- equality, self-sufficiency and health are an integral part of their lives. Though we've been reaching to underprivileged people, distributing food and needed clothes and organizing health-camps and other activities on a regular basis, yet welfare for us means their empowerment, especially underprivileged women. We go to them to make them aware, so that they start recognizing their basic rights. Our health-camps empower them with awareness on health. Our initiative, Self Help, provides a woman with vocational training as per her inherent skills and learning ability. We create opportunities of education for the deprived children. We are against child labour and propagate and plan measures on elimination of child labour, rehabilitation and relief. We support the public health system at grassroots-level with different activities on sanitation, waste-problem and hygiene-related issues. Our welfare extends to motivation to slum-kids to stay in schools and understand the importance of a good social behaviour.

Welfare for us is to make changes and bring in difference in disadvantaged people's lives.