Aastha Foundation's vision is deeply anchored in the accessibility of opportunities for one and all. We are here to create possibilities for the people who despite being endowed with specific skills are lagging behind, in terms of progress. We are here to tap the hidden potential of the people who are living at the lower rungs of our society.

Hope is what we disburse and Humanity is what we dispense. Our vision to empower people with self-sufficiency carries a huge relevance in current scenario. While our country is on a march to have a robust presence on the global map, we can take along a huge population, which has been out of the main stream, with us to make our efforts bigger and stronger. Some of them need skills and some of the skilled ones need a platform. When we provide skills to them and provide a platform to their skills, they become self-employed which leads them to have personal economic growth and a good normal life. Subsequently, they start contributing to their immediate society's and country's growth which is what necessary for all of us to see the real demographic dividends coming for us.

We always have had a special focus on rural women artisans. We know that we enormously lack as a nation in providing economic opportunities to women in general, let alone rural women. Spawning an entrepreneurial opportunity to rural women artisans forms an integral element of our vision. Self-sufficiency for a woman is a magical thing, its positive impact can be seen in generations. We envision ourselves as an organization providing ample fitting opportunities to rural women artisans and elevating their quality of lives in a certain manner.

Aastha Foundation is here for long-standing changes and development in the lives of under-privileged and unemployed people, enabling them with opportunities and all kinds of social support.